Saturday, June 18, 2016


Sculptor and researcher Merlin Stone's book 'When God was a Woman' alerted me to the fact that once upon a time, societies were largely matrilineal and the deities worshipped were commonly female. This was way before the first profit of Yahweh, Abraham, turned up at around 1500 BC. This is very different to what is taught in Christian circles. The Bible tends to be regarded as a history of the world and is believed to be 'inspired' by God. Since the world existed for at least 10s of thousands of years before Abraham (some say millions), clearly it's not a history of the world, rather a history of  the Hebrew religion. Somehow the religion of Yahweh displaced the ancient Goddess religions practised by most of the ancient world. The key question is how and why, which I will discuss next post.

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